Misty® The Traditionals Dry Deodorizers - Lemon Peel

Misty® The Traditionals Dry Deodorizers - Lemon Peel

Item # AMRA23820LP

  • Our program utilizes an advanced solvent/propellant system for micro fine particles and truly dry spray. Features a light touch toggle action valve.
  • Net Wt. 10 oz., Can Size 20
  • VOC compliant, USDA: C1
Lemon Peel, 12/cs
Pack: 12/CS

This product is a premium air freshener with a dual odor counteracting system. Quickly eliminates foul odors leaving a light pleasant scent that freshens the air & effectively neutralizes smoke, organic decay and more. Ultra fine particulate spray spreads evenly treating large areas in seconds without fall-out or staining. CARB and OTC VOC compliant and contains no ozone depleting materials.

Fragrance: Lemon Peel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Hand Held Room Deodorizer
  • Ultra Dry Formula for Extended Suspension Time
  • Dual Odor Counteractant System
  • Convenient Spray-Thru Cap
  • Low VOC Content-50 State Compliant
  • Aerosol: 20oz , 10oz net

The Traditionals are a group of six products combining Dry Deodorizer technology with six fragrance types that have been the backbone of industrial and institutional maintenance. However, the fragrance types are the only thing that is traditional. The fragrances themselves are blends of some of the finest available materials to provide full, clear, and robust representations without oily or artificial overtones. Excellent for use in virtually any commercial deodorizing application, they are readily accepted by most everyone who comes in contact with them.

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